Enabling Actionable Intelligence

Nisos Intelligence Database

Curated collection of difficult-to-access and sensitive data from the open, deep, and dark web providing multi-source intelligence to Nisos operators to help clients make informed decisions.

Our Philosophy

If You Don’t Collect It, You Can’t Exploit It

Nisos enhances security programs by collecting and operationalizing multi-source data to:

  • Inform cybersecurity operations
  • Disrupt fraud, trust, and safety
  • Improve cyber and physical defenses
  • Disrupt adversary attacks
  • Attribute actions to actors

We draw upon lawfully obtained data to help our clients properly assess risks and defend against adversaries.


Maximizing Open Source Data

Nisos combines data engineering with the adversarial mindset when aggregating data that exists in the open, deep, and dark web. This approach requires a significant investment in refining operating protocols, plus the training and methodology for how to safely navigate adversary territory. Our dataset includes information sourced from hard to examine nation states; such as Russia, China, Iran, India, Ukraine, Turkey, Qatar, Georgia, Nigeria, Bulgaria, and more.

For a complete list, contact us.

Our Approach

Leverage Breach Data to Assist Investigations

We use a 6 step process for capturing the information you need to improve your security posture and take action against sophisticated adversaries.









Cross Reference

The Collection

Multi-faceted, Global, Proprietary and Licensed

Download our Nisos Intelligence Database Capability Brief to learn more about this process.


Maintaining Strict Custodianship

Using sensitive data sets would not be possible without close coordination with legal counsel. We operate under strict guidelines regarding the collection, maintenance, and use of the intelligence gathered.

Adversary Insights℠ RFI Subscription
Timely response to client-specific requests for finished intelligence on cyber and physical risks
OSINT Monitoring & Analysis
Client-specific curation and analysis of dark web, open source, and social media data
External Attack Surface Monitoring & Analysis
Defense against attacks to your digital perimeter and internal environment
Executive Shield
Discovery of threats to key personnel with attribution and PII takedown
Threat Landscape Assessment
Analysis of external threats to assess level of risk and identify methods of mitigation
Zero Touch Diligence®
Discovery and analysis to assess risk for investments, IPO, M&A, and third parties
Event-Driven Intel Investigation
Multidimensional security fact-finding in response to adversary behavior