OSINT Monitoring and Analysis

Broad and customized monitoring that delivers actionable intelligence aligned to client-specific concerns.


Enabling Managed Intelligence Operations

Nisos provides cybersecurity teams contextualized, prioritized, and relevant findings from monitoring and analyzing the dark web, open source, and social media platforms.

What We Do

On-going Intelligence

Nisos identifies publicly available information indicative of threats to companies, systems, facilities, and key personnel. We help maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of client data. Our monitoring and analysis allows us to provide recommendations that help disrupt attacks, stop adversaries and remediate risks.

This service is dependent on broad coverage of thousands of platform pages and access to closed forums that are processed and then analyzed by Nisos’ highly-trained analysts.

Lots of Data

Open Source Data Analyzed

We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of public, non-classified sources to deliver contextual intelligence. Common sources include, but are not limited to:


Business Records

Commercial Data

Criminal Databases

Dating Sites

Domain Registries

Exploits and Advisories

Foreign Press

Geolocation Tools/Maps

Grey Literature


Instant Messaging

Media-Domestic and Foreign

People Databases

Public Records

Social Media Networks

Transportation Records

Intended Outcomes

Actionable Intelligence

We enable your team to take action against each finding and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, systems, and networks. Not only do we identify vulnerabilities, we provide details of likelihood and ease of potential exploitation, recommendations for remediation, statistics on mean time to alert and respond. We provide context by outlining exploitation or access attempts based on collection tasking.

Reveal Threats

Optional Attribution and Unmasking

Attribution is appropriate for some threats. Nisos’ adversary research attribution relies on advanced tradecraft to ensure accuracy. Our ability to correctly attribute and unmask bad actors, and to do so in a manner that is unseen by the adversary, is often a critical component of our research.

Adversary Insights℠ RFI Subscription
Timely response to client-specific requests for finished intelligence on cyber and physical risks
OSINT Monitoring & Analysis
Client-specific curation and analysis of dark web, open source, and social media data
External Attack Surface Monitoring & Analysis
Defense against attacks to your digital perimeter and internal environment
Executive Shield
Discovery of threats to key personnel with attribution and PII takedown
Threat Landscape Assessment
Analysis of external threats to assess level of risk and identify methods of mitigation
Zero Touch Diligence®
Discovery and analysis to assess risk for investments, IPO, M&A, and third parties
Event-Driven Intel Investigation
Multidimensional security fact-finding in response to adversary behavior